Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub.

Today I will be teaching you how to make coconut oil body scrub. This simple and easy tutorial will become one of your favourite DIY’s! Not only will your skin love it but you will love it! This can be a perfect gift for someone, or just a spa day treat for your self! Below is everything you will need so let’s get started!


  • 4 cubs sugar
  • 1 cup organic coconut oil
  • Optional peppermint oil 1-2 drops.
  • Or add 1 tablespoon sugar or coffee ground to give it a additional smell and benefits
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Mixer to whip it together
  • Sealing jar to put it in
  • Label (optional)


  1. Mix four cups sugar into a large mixing bowl than add your 1 cup coconut oil.
  2. Mix together on a low speed to medium speed at first it will seem like you have he wrong portions because it takes some time for the oil to mix together with the sugar!
  3. Once your sugar and coconut oil mixture is mixed together throughly, you will add whatever addition you please for this case I made a coconut oil coffee grind sugar scrub. Add one to two tablespoons of coffee grind into your batch and mix throughly!
  4. Once your mixture is done mixing put it into your sealed jar and enjoy! I use mine twice to four times a week depending on how I feel!

I hope you enjoyed this simple sugar scrub tutorial! Not only will this mixture moisturize your skin with the organic coconut oil, but the sugar will help get rid of dead skin and clear your skin of toxins. This is the perfect pampering diy! For more let me me know below what you would like to see next!

Natural Tick Remedies For Horses.

Natural tick remedies I use on horses to get ticks off of horses and to prevent ticks from attaching to my horses. I swear by Tea Tree Oil! It works wonders on horses not just for their fur but to prevent ticks from attaching to the horses. When I find ticks on a horse I will break out my tea tree oil and drop 2 drops onto where the tick is attached within a minute the tick will back out of the horse and you can just kill it. Once I have removed all the ticks I see from my horse, I will brush and wash my horse to make sure everything is good, I used a tea tree oil soap which you can buy online for your horse or at a local shop. They sell tea tree oil horse shampoo and conditioner, once I have brushed and washed than brushed my horse again, I will go in with a wet cloth and drop 10-12 drops of tea tree oil Into the damp cloth I will run it along my horses fur till I feel the horse is evenly covered and brush again. This helps prevent the ticks from attaching to my horses fur. This step isn’t necessary but I do it as an extra safety measure. You will notice ticks do not as easily attach to the horses once you have done this or a significant decrease in ticks on your horses! You can use this method on other animals to such as dogs and cats! This is just one of the ways I fight ticks off. I also use tea tree oil in my hair and on my clothes when I don’t want to get them when working in the fields it seemed to work so well I never got a tick. Hope you enjoy this simple way to fight ticks in the spring, summer, and fall!

Why I want to live on a homestead.

Here are some of the reason To why I want to live on a homestead in the middle of nowhere about an hour from cities. I have never been a fan of living in cities like I currently do now. I was born and raised on a small homestead like place when I was younger that I loved!!!! I grew up skating on our pound in the winter, running down to the ice fishing shack just front of our house because we lived on the lake. I remember catching our fish and my dad cleaning them when we were done, my mom cooking them up and having them for supper. I remember in the summer we would have big bonfires and Cook pie irons ( which is bread with peanut butter or jelly stuck between two cast iron presses stuck into a fire to cook the bread) they were amazing! I remember my mom and me picking vegetables out of the garden and harvesting the apple tree every year. We lived simple and it was wonderful. I was never not bare foot running through the grass or bush, I was always outside from day to night. I had the best childhood growing up covered in dirt, sap, or mud! I used to be such a tomboy that one year me and my cousin had a mud fight head to toe and my mom had to rinse us off with the hose. We didn’t know any better. As I am now almost 20 and having kids of my own with my second due in June I want to live somewhere we can be self efficient as possible and live off the land more. I want to be able to hunt, harvest our gardens, make our food, and enjoy life! I want the care free fun childhood I had for my self for them. I want to be able to teach them how to feed the chickens, harvest the gardens, feed the cows and horses. For most this sound kinda crazy to move from the city of comfort to the country. But that’s just how I was raised. I crave the country, I crave self dependence, and I really would love to move out to the country. We are thinking of buying a small 2.2 acreage just an hour and a bit out of the city we live in but it seems nearly impossible to save a down payment. Anyways I will just keep dreaming till I can make it happen!

5 Things You Need To Know When Buying Your First House!

When you are looking to buy your first home and take on the huge responsibility of adult hood their can be a lot of things for first time home buyers that they have no idea in. It can be very stressful and confusing. I am here to help! Here are my top five tips to help you on your way when buying your first house.

  1. Budget! Budget! Budget! Before you even start the idea of looking at a house to buy, you need to set up a budgeting plan. This is something a lot of first time home buys go nah I’ll be fine. Trust me we all say that. I highly suggest starting a written budget plan, there are lots of methods to use well budgeting. You can use a budget binder, budget envelopes, or budget book. Are all great places to start. If you go to Michaels craft store they have budget books. I get mine their and write out all my monthly cost, out saving plans and what we actually spend. I keep a strict list of all our spending and eating out, bills, to left over money at the end of the month. Once you start doing this you will create a savings plan. This saving plan can either help go towards the down payment or become a emergency fund which you will need to make along side your mortgage payments, the reason I say this is because if anything were to happen you want to have an emergency fund to help you pay for you home till your back on your feet. So budget budget budget! And implement a savings plan!
  2. What hidden cost! When buying a house their are a lot of hidden cost no one tells you about. Here’s an example. You will need 5% of your purchase price to put down on the home! That can range anywhere from 10,000-20,000 dollars. Than you will need 5,000 roughly to put down as a deposit on your house you want to buy to make an offer and hold your offer this covers your but well for a week into the deal where u can back out and get your money back if you decide not to go through with the house. But that deposit goes towards your total down payment/mortgage on the house too. You will need to save 1000-2000 dollars for closing fee’s on a house. This one is a huge responsibility because it has to be paid in order for you to get the house. This is why I said above budgeting is a must before you even start looking at houses you will need to either put away 7000 and borrow the rest for the down from family or their are options to borrow money for your down payment from a bank that you pay back over a 5 year term on top of your mortgage. Look into first time home buyer programs in your area sometimes they have down payment grants too but over all you will need to start a savings account and get a budget going to be mostly prepared for the hidden costs.
  3. What to ask as a home buyer. When you are buying your first home I suggest asking as many questions as possible. No matter how little or how big. Also do a lot of research before buying your first home. We spent 6 months researching and looking at different houses before narrowing down 3 houses in our lower area of our price range. Ask questions like what are the taxes on the property a year, if their are any condo fee’s, is their a gas furnace or a power furnace, how long has it been on the market, we’re their any previous offers, is their a quick possession date or a lengthy possession period, are the sellers willing to move on the price, do the appliances come with the house, what is the rough power, water, gas bill a month something they can find that out for you. When talking to a banker always ask if they have any programs for first time home buyers. Is their any down payment plans, what would be my pre approval interest rate, what can I get pre approved for so I know my max budget on buying a house. Their are many questions to be asked when buying as house so feel free to ask all your questions.
  4. Credit and Interest Rates. When buying your first home something you need to consider is your credit score. If you do not have a credit, you will want to start building one buy using a credit card which I caution you it is easy to go into debt with a credit card so be responsible. You will need to have a credit score of 600 -780 to be approved for a mortgage. The reason you need a medium to high credit score is so the bank knows your history of paying back money, and what your reliable for. Having good credit score means you have paid back your debts and always made sure you were in the good. Along side good credit score you want to lock in the lowest interest rate you can on your mortgage! Why you may ask we’ll locking in the lowest Interest rate in a Mortgage makes your payments less a month which only benefits you! You will need to be approved at the highest interest rate when applying for a mortgage which is roughly at that 4% Mark. But if you can get a pre approved mortgage at an interest rate of 3 % – 3.5% your looking at lower payments and more money in your pocket. Always ask your mortgage broker to try to get you in at the lowest interest rates if possible. Make sure you find a trusting mortgage broker who actually cares about the affordability for you not just wanting to make cash off your purchase. I can’t stress that enough. But don’t look at 20 different banks for pre approved mortgages because that will lower your credit score every time they check your credit. Look online to see the lowest interest rates for mortgages and pick your bank that way. Or go with whatever bank you have your debit card through because most will work with you to get you to stay at the bank you have been loyal to for years.
  5. Making a Plan and Checking Affordability: Making a plan and checking your affordability factor when buying your first home is a must. Write out all your bills each month, including groceries, gas, and necessities. Than write out how much you can afford. When we were buying a house I wrote down our estimated mortgage, house insurance, loan, taxes, and condo fee’s. Than I added on our power bill, water bill, heating bill, gas, car payments, groceries, everything for the entire month and check the affordability of it for us as a family. If it didn’t work I knew I needed to either look for a cheaper house or pinch penny’s somewhere. We went lower on our budget to give us 1000-1300 dollars extra a month for expenses. You want to have that extra money just in case and to put away in your emergency fund each month. I highly suggest using online mortgage calculators to help you get our best estimate for mortgage payments, look up house insurance plans and prices, make sure you cover all your bases before hand. You don’t want to buy the house unprepared.

Thanks for reading my top five thing you need to know when buying first house wishing you luck on your first time home purchase!

Bump Date! 18 weeks 3 Days.

I am 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant. It’s a weird yet wonderful feeling realizing how fast this pregnancy is going by I’m almost at the half way mark and it doesn’t feel real! I have been feeling baby kick on the outside now and move around a lot more. Note to self baby loves purple crush pop works like a charm to get him or her moving like crazy. We find out the gender on Friday. For symptoms I really have nothing other than being extremely tied and hungry all the time. Also being really thirsty. Other than that I have verily any symptoms In the second trimester. My bump is now noticeable and people are commenting on my pregnancy. I feel a little bit more connected to the baby as I get some baby stuff here and their for the baby. I have slightly prepared but won’t buy to much till I know the gender. Over all I feel a lot better this week than any other week during my pregnancy. Some of my funny cravings are sour candy’s, spinach pizza, anything sweet.