Bump Date 21 Weeks!

Bump date 21 weeks. I have been feeling extremely uncomfortable! I can never seem to fall asleep, keep waking up every day with headaches and hip pains. But on the bright side baby boy is a ball of jumping joy! He is always active! Always jumping around through the day! Way more active than my daughter was. I found out I have a anterior placenta, meaning my placenta is at the front. No cause for concern their. With my daughter I had a placenta that was very close to the opening of my crevix but they cleared me for a natural birth and I ended up having some complications bleeding really bad. Which took an extra 3 days in the hospital to recover. Hoping for a smoother birth this time. Hopefully not as much bleeding! Been thirsty this pregnancy and have a endless pit of hunger! Always seem to be hungry! Have not been religiously taking my vitamins sadly but getting back into the routine! Trying my best to eat healthier! Can’t believe I am already half way to the finish line of meeting my little ball of joy!

Bump Date! 18 weeks 3 Days.

I am 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant. It’s a weird yet wonderful feeling realizing how fast this pregnancy is going by I’m almost at the half way mark and it doesn’t feel real! I have been feeling baby kick on the outside now and move around a lot more. Note to self baby loves purple crush pop works like a charm to get him or her moving like crazy. We find out the gender on Friday. For symptoms I really have nothing other than being extremely tied and hungry all the time. Also being really thirsty. Other than that I have verily any symptoms In the second trimester. My bump is now noticeable and people are commenting on my pregnancy. I feel a little bit more connected to the baby as I get some baby stuff here and their for the baby. I have slightly prepared but won’t buy to much till I know the gender. Over all I feel a lot better this week than any other week during my pregnancy. Some of my funny cravings are sour candy’s, spinach pizza, anything sweet.