Natural Tick Remedies For Horses

Natural tick remedies I use on horses to get ticks off of horses and to prevent ticks from attaching to my horses. I swear by Tea Tree Oil! It works wonders on horses not just for their fur but to prevent ticks from attaching to the horses. When I find ticks on a horse I will break out my tea tree oil and drop 2 drops onto where the tick is attached within a minute the tick will back out of the horse and you can just kill it. Once I have removed all the ticks I see from my horse, I will brush and wash my horse to make sure everything is good, I used a tea tree oil soap which you can buy online for your horse or at a local shop. They sell tea tree oil horse shampoo and conditioner, once I have brushed and washed than brushed my horse again, I will go in with a wet cloth and drop 10-12 drops of tea tree oil Into the damp cloth I will run it along my horses fur till I feel the horse is evenly covered and brush again. This helps prevent the ticks from attaching to my horses fur. This step isn’t necessary but I do it as an extra safety measure. You will notice ticks do not as easily attach to the horses once you have done this or a significant decrease in ticks on your horses! You can use this method on other animals to such as dogs and cats! This is just one of the ways I fight ticks off. I also use tea tree oil in my hair and on my clothes when I don’t want to get them when working in the fields it seemed to work so well I never got a tick. Hope you enjoy this simple way to fight ticks in the spring, summer, and fall!


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