Bump Date! 18 weeks 3 Days.

I am 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant. It’s a weird yet wonderful feeling realizing how fast this pregnancy is going by I’m almost at the half way mark and it doesn’t feel real! I have been feeling baby kick on the outside now and move around a lot more. Note to self baby loves purple crush pop works like a charm to get him or her moving like crazy. We find out the gender on Friday. For symptoms I really have nothing other than being extremely tied and hungry all the time. Also being really thirsty. Other than that I have verily any symptoms In the second trimester. My bump is now noticeable and people are commenting on my pregnancy. I feel a little bit more connected to the baby as I get some baby stuff here and their for the baby. I have slightly prepared but won’t buy to much till I know the gender. Over all I feel a lot better this week than any other week during my pregnancy. Some of my funny cravings are sour candy’s, spinach pizza, anything sweet.


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