Top Five Baby Must Haves for The First 3 Months.

As a new mom I had no idea where to go to figure out what I really need and what was not a must have on the long list of baby stuff they give you every time you walk into a baby store. It can be down right over whelming and scary to see this long list and go do I really need this or what’s the best out of these brands. Well I’m here as a second time mom, with 1 one year old and baby due in June. Here are Top Ten Must Haves For The First 3 Months.

  1. Dr.brown baby bottle Set- $27.97 This baby bottle set was perfect for my little one when she was breast feeding and getting breast milk in a bottle well I worked when she was 6 weeks old + these bottles never confused her and worked great to bottle and breast feed her. They helped prevent gas and colic. She was always happy after using them and didn’t have to many burps over all 5 star bottle in my opinion very affordable and BPA free. This set retails for around $27.87 CAD. Well worth the money. I used them to feed my daughter my breast milk in and than used them along breast feeding she loved them and loved bonding with her dad when he got feed her. It comes with 3 big bottles and two little bottles. 2 caps, bottle cap covers and the nipples.
  2. Aveeno Calming Baby Bubble Bath- $13.27 for 532ml bottle. (Last a long time) This bubble bath/ head to toe was wonderful for my daughter when she was born and we still use it now. It keeps her skin and hair soft. It has never dried out her skin, has always kept her baby smooth and smelling great. It’s a very gentle soap I trust and will be using with the second baby. It last a very long time because you only need a little when they at first born I think a bottle lasted us 5 months the first time. That’s with giving our daughter a bath every other night when she was little. The smell is great and settle not to strong. This retails for around $13.27 CAD Dollar. One soap I rave about to people with little ones.

3.Sudocrem® Diaper Rash Cream- $7.87 This diaper rash cream is the best cream I have ever used. It works wonders for diaper rash, helps prevent diaper rash, and alittle goes a long ways. I bought the medium sized container and it lasted me probably close to 9 months maybe ever longer. It is still a cream I use on my toddler today well she is wearing diapers half the time/ potty training the other half. It keeps her rashes at bay and she is always left with a soft baby but never any redness or irritation. It’s gentle on them and soothes the rash. It is defiantly a must have on my list for the first 3+ months. This is one of the most raved about diaper rash creams you’ll hear about from other moms. It retails for around $7.97 CAD dollar for the medium sized bottle.

4.AVEENO® Baby Calming Comfort Lavender and Vanilla Lotion- $13.27 532ml bottle.

This baby lotion is one of the best I have used. I have tried the honest company, Johnson’s and nothing measured up to the moisture this one provides for your little one and the amazing smell of this lotion. It is gentle on the skin, and makes them smell so good. This retails for around $13.27 CAD Dollar.

5.Safety 1st IH3400300 Ready! Growing Baby Nursery Kit- $29.97

This was a must have kit for our little one when she was born, it has everything you could need. It is on the more expensive side but it has everything from combs and brushes, Baby nail clippers, little nail files, etc. It’s the perfect kit for parents who are expecting their first or 4th baby whatever stage your at it’s defiantly a must have in my mind.

Not sponsored for any of these, just my own personal opinion.


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