10 Curly hair tips and tricks to keep your lovely locks healthy and strong this winter season. I have had naturally curly hair my whole life. I have went through the ups and downs of having curly hair like you could not believe. Over the past few years i realized what to do to keep my curly hair under control and healthy. Below are my top 10 tips on how to keep your curly hair healthy and strong this dry winter season.

1 Coconut Oil Is A Life Saver! I use coconut oil for nearly everything! but i have to say coconut oil has saved my curly hair. Coconut oil helps to keep your hair healthy and strong. It has many benefits. Putting a mask of organic coconut oil once a week helps protect and strengthen your hair, also Keeping your hair motorized.

2 Only Shampoo your hair once every 3 days. Do not wash your hair more than every three days. Skipping shampooing every day helps keep your natural oils to protect your hair. stripping those oils every day by shampooing daily can make the hair brittle and break a lot easier.

3 Deep Condition your hair 2 times a week. Deep conditioning your hair two times a week will greatly benefit your hair by replenishing your hair with the nutrients and moisture it needs to grow strong and healthy. Find a great deep conditioner to do this twice a week

4 Use oils when styling. I use Moroccan oil or argon oil when styling my hair. It helps moisturize and protect my hair when styling. It also helps control those frizzy curls we all get.

5 Use a paddle brush or wet brush when brushing hair. I use a paddle brush or a wet brush to brush out my hair after showers. This helps gently get the knots out and to help prevent breakage. Be careful when using the paddle brush though because brushing to hard can cause breakage.

6 Use a Detangler after showers. Using a detangler after showers can help prevent breakages when brushing your hair. It makes it easier for the knots to come out. Using a detangler not only decreases the time you spend brushing your hair but also protects your hair from getting damaged well brushing.

7 Use Natural Shampoos and Conditioners. Use natural shampoos and conditioners when washing your hair. The less chemicals on your hair the better. Using shampoos and conditioners with out certain chemicals will highly benefit your hair in the long run.

8 3-6 Month Trims. Trimming your hair every 3 – 6 months depending on the damage level in those months is the best option to prevent further damage to your curly hair this will also reduce frizz when you do not have split ends or breakages going up your hair. it will help keep your curls manageable.

9 Braid your hair before going to bed. Braiding your hair before going to bed keeps your hair in a tight protected style, further preventing breakage when you are sleeping. Not many people know that when they toss and turn at night you are rubbing your hair on your pillow causing small micro breaks that will turn into full breakages. sometimes it will do nothing other times it will cause breakages. Putting your hair in a protective braid will help prevent this from happening.

10 Love and embrace your curls as much as you can. Use products that are more natural based, have oils in them such as argon or Moroccan oil. These products will help protect and manage your curly hair. I hope you enjoyed our post and be fabulous with your beautiful curls. Enjoy!


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